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QuadroLampada & QuadroLight

Our team create design handcrafted light light pictures of high quality strictly Made in Italy.

Unique product on the market which gives each of us the opportunity to express our artistic side through personalization.

Create your personalized luminòus painting in just a few step, upload your image and receive the graphic prototype for free!

For your business

Your logo can become a picture of design and on the back led light. Furnish your business with style and uniqueness!

Value who you love

Send us your photo and one of our designers will create a beautiful led lamp painting for you. Give value the people you love.

Love them as they deserve

Furnishes illuminates and expresses your affection for your furry friends with the LED lamp picture.

Create your style

Stand out by the crowd furnishes and light up your space with your style with light picture!

A touch of joy

Light picture light up with that touch of joy the space of your children.

Enlighten yourself

Your photo on a light pictures. All is possible with light picture!


No limits to creativity!

Our designer specialized they transform our pictures into true works of art.
If you aren’t happy you won’t have to pay anything! Put them to the test!

Lighten aluminium

Material highly resistant and light weight doesn’t deform and doesn’t wear through time, ideal for the wall installation.

Inoxidizable steel

Vibrated and waxed by hand sends an opaque unique effect
exclusive creation of Bordone Design.

Led panel

The led panel to low consume light up in uniform way your space with consumes reduces ideal for green solution.

Easy Assembly

Suffice two wall plugs a power outlet
The game is done.