Customize your style

Our team brings to life illuminated handcrafted pictures of high quality, made in Italy only!

It is an unmistakable and unique object on the market, which gives anyone the opportunity to express their artistic side through costumization.

Just a few steps to obtain your illuminated handcrafted pictures: upload your picture and get the graphic prototype for free!

Decorate with your favorite images!

Create your own

Our designer team will create a graphic prototype of your own illuminated pictures lamp painting for free within 24 hours!

Select the format

Select the format you like and the color of the light (white or colored)

Upload the file

Upload the image upon our web site.

Wait 24 hours

A designer from our team will send you the prototype of your lamp painting.


If you like it, we will send you a purchasing link!

Get it

Your QuadroLamp wil be shipped without additional shipping costs throughout Italy within 14 working days!

For your Business!

Decorate and light up your business with a logo or image of your choice.


Here’s how the National Team Champion got his personalized QuadroLamp

File Uploading

Federico uploaded an image into the CREATE YOUR QUADROLAMP form e sent it.

Wait and Purchase

The Bordone team received the image and entrusted it to our designer, who created a prototype and sent it to Federico by e-mail attaching the link for the purchase.

Getting the QuadroLamp

Federico received the prototype by e-mail, he clicked on the purchase link and 14 business days later here’s the result.

Thank you champion! ⚽️


Enhances Environments and Passions

They say about us

See some of our friends from the show business who got their own QuadroLamp

Achille Lauro
"Super Cool!"
Laura Pausini
"Thanks Bordone Design, wonderful lamp!"
Ilary Blasi
"A wonderful QuadroLamp! Thanks Bordonedesign"
Amedeo Preziosi
"What can I say, you really surprised me! Great idea guys"
Le Donatella
"When we first saw it we were speechless, beautiful!"
Stash - The Kolors
"Wow guys, thanks! From a drawing I sent, a bomb came out!"
Joaquin Correa
"Amazing! Thanks Bordone Design!"
Aurora Ramazzotti
"Ooh ... It's beautiful!"
Benedetta Mazza
"Bordone Design enlightened me with the QuadroLamp Frida, Thanks guys!"
Stefano Sala
"What a beauty! ... Thank you Bordone Design team!"
Francesco Sole
"I went home to my loft and waiting for me was the personalized lamp that I had requested with a sentence from my book ... Wonderful"
Taylor Mega
"Thanks Bordone Design, what can I say, a crazy lamp!"

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